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Earn 35% in Real Estate Without Owning a Land or House

In a country where the inflation rate is perpetually in 2 digits and currently close to 20% as at March 2021, saving a large part of your cash for a long time is the last thing you’ll over think of.

Rather, you should think like the billionaires who make genuine and profitable investments that always go well over the inflation rate.

One of such genuine and profitable investments is real estate.

But wait!

We know what you’re already thinking.

You don’t necessarily need to spend millions and billions to invest in real estate as against the conventional way of real estate investing.

With N100,000 and above, you can invest in real estate and make up to 15% to 35% profit in 6 to 12 months respectively.

Now, you may say the profit is too small but it is a lot better to have something realistic, void of failed promises and attainable without undue stress.

We have a proven track record that we boast of since 2018 together with hundreds and already paid investors.


Our partner company who would be responsible for your investment is registered with Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (LASRERA), Real Estate Developers of Nigeria (REDAN) and the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC)

With 15 housing estates currently owned by us and a host of housing developments, we have a proven track record consisting of hundreds of paid investors since 2018 when our land banking investment kicked off.

For everyone who invests, we would issue you the following to ensure your funds are safe:

Post-dated cheque

A post dated cheque stating the amount you will get and the exact due date.


Deed of Agreement

This document states the unit of square metres of land allocated to you in direct proportion to your funds invested.


Insurance Certificate

This document covers your capital and profit ensuring that your funds are safe with us


Other documents include payment receipt and investment certificate from us.


We invest in fast selling and highly profitable commercial and residential properties spread across the nation.

Currently, we have over 15 housing estates in major cities of Nigeria and other housing developments.

At the end of the day, we share profits with our investors depending on the duration and amount agree on.


We have a team of chartered financial experts, real estate property acquisition experts and a real estate marketing firm of over 50,000 registered marketers who are marketing our residential and commercial properties.


N100,000 and above


Those who don’t want to go through the rigors of purchasing properties and later looking for who to sell to.

Those who don’t want to keep their hard earned money in savings with next to zero interest.

Those who want to inculcate a healthy habit of investing.

Those investors who don’t want to hold on to landed properties for a long time.

Those who don’t have millions of Naira to invest in real estate but want to begin investing in real estate immediately.

Investors who want to hedge their funds against inflation.


Click on APPLY NOW to be directed to a sales representative who will send you two forms to fill and submit so you can get started on investing.


Nothing beats integrity, sincerity and honesty in business; and yours is second to none! I wouldn’t say no to any future investment opportunity with your company and will also recommend other investors to you. You’re the best

Okekearu Joy Chinemerem

Integrity is a fertile ground for any business to become MEGA. I invented last year and I just got paid my capital and my interest. Thank you.

Gilberto Esther

It was nice doing business with you. The return on investment (ROI) was delivered as agreed with extra for the little delay.

Ekundayo Oloaifa

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