Restville Estate Epe Lagos



Finally, we found a perfect place you would love to rest!

Whether you are investing to resell at a higher price or for any reason you deem appropriate, Restville Estate is your perfect fit.

Nestled away from the regular hustle and bustle lifestyle of most Lagosians, you would agree immediately that you deserve to own a piece of Restville.

Prices & Sizes of Plots
500sqm – ₦2,500,000
300sqm – ₦1,500,000
Secure yours with a minimum initial deposit of ₦500,000 today.

Location: Epe Lagos

Title: Freehold.
100% Dry land

✓ Lagos Government College
✓ Lagos Food Security Systems and Central Logistics Park
✓ Epe Resort and Spa
✓ Several tertiary institutions and secondary institutions
✓ Lekki International Airport
✓ A host of gated estates and more

Promo Price: ₦2,500,000 only per 500sqm plot
₦1,500,000 only per 300sqm plot

Minimum initial deposit of ₦500,000 with instalments are available.
Offer lasts till June 23RD 2024 for few plots only
For more details, call/whatsapp +2348052961223

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